From the Sea

I write to you from the sea where gulls soar upon blue waters an illusion of how near, yet far, you are to me.

Waiting a Pursuant

Is it jealousy really when I methodically rock in my chair, high over land and water, watching nature engage in the art of pursuing, while I wait patiently my turn to be sought after with such vigor?


I am revived once more refreshed, alive as sunlight breaches earth, gently touching delicate skin. I drift forward pressing into light, one blossom at a time opening, making me new once again.


The battle this morning is nothing new. Its charge of complacency settles within, while I rock in this chair under clouds and sun rays, pulling me deeper into shades of grey. I can hear Your whispers, like a soft tap on my shoulder. I try to listen, but with the world so loud, I can…

Golden Eye

You spot me across the water saying goodnight to the sun before I catch a glimpse of your round golden eye, peeking just above the treeline, clinging onto twilight while reflecting off the glassy water. I scramble to adjust my camera settings, a novice to night photography, take and retake until mosquitos find me as…


She was lured too far to the edge, lunging out into light from the darkness she had been quarantined in. Step by step she closed the gap between destination and desire, thumping her cane along her side. Just beyond the curve, steps from the rail, slowly she sank into her chair. Instantly, she relaxed under…

The Apprentice

Your name escapes me, it is the least on my mind, for I am but an apprentice to your expertise, 
 while we move through the silence of crisp morning
 in familiar places
 and unfamiliar territory.

Good Night, Good Morning

You are uniform, whether rise or fall, dawn or dusk You remain the same whether seen or unseen displaying an array of colors, that captivate. You are bright, warm, and I look forward to basking in you every day.  

They, Don’t Exist

I’m never going to be the petite supermodel society has brainwashed you into thinking is the right match for you. My legs will have cellulite that hasn’t been airbrushed, my muffin top and back fat will always be a project for me to work off, every little wart and skin tag I try hard to…

Edge of Twilight

To the last I talk to and the first I think of, Delighted I am, that you are on my mind; which is nothing out of the ordinary, for you are ingrained in my life like a freckle on my hand. While twilight peeks at me through the window shade, I imagine you pulled from sleep,…


Threw you away once, now to do it again. My hand reaches for the furthest clean fiber edge, lifting the weightless, ridden with a trace of yesterday’s colorful sinus gunk and flinging it like a hot potato into the basket; where it should have landed the first time.    


You rose in the morning, ready for battle, kissed the pictures of loved ones and tucked them away in your chest pocket, for safe keeping. From the trenches you devised plans, cried over fear, charged the field, brother by brother, your hands and feet stained with valor that even to this day, does not go…