Turning Back

Beyond the gray is something remarkable, something lovely something breathtaking something worth sharing. It’s so captivating it won’t let you leave, always drawing you back for an another look, just one more time. At least that’s what I think as I stand here, having turned back more times that I can count each moment drawing…


Surrounded by the presence of You, finding wellness in my soul, I begin to wonder how well it really is, as I search between darkness of intertwined sin, fresh and long forgiven, struggling to surrender. Far away are my thoughts, my head downtrodden, as shadows zip back and forth, flickering while I wrestle to capture light….

Somewhere In-Between

If only for a little while I could return to my own mind between memory and you, deep in the heart of Christ where once I was found, I might find balance instead emotions that fill my head with doubt and wandering avid hypotheticals.

Dirt Therapy

Pink dirty gloves adorn my hands as I grip the angled handle before sinking the steel claw deep into soil, inches from my next weekly annoyance. In harmony with the earth and the therapy it provides, mindlessly, I pull upward feeling the roots give way to force; killing one weed at a time. My empty…

Nearing the End

Lonely are the days of grey blanketing the earth, even the daffodils are downtrodden. But there is hope on the horizon, as opaque moves onward exposing blue, and an internal smile brings simple joy to my heart; the end of grey is nearing.

Without It

The edge of earth, where sunrise entangles my eyes lost in ever changing hues, so much that I trouble seeing anything else other than what’s on the horizon. But, when the color disappears, a different world presents itself.


Golden are these moments with you as the sun drops beyond earth, composing hues and silhouettes of great measure. Savoring every detail, I become lost in the wonderment of captivated, lost in color and movement, lost in golden.  

Bubble Living

Close, no closer; it’s the only way you can tell a story to capture and captivate. It’s timely that you’re here in this place chasing me down like a kid. Slowly leaning into me, searching for the perfect moment, only to jolt back from rushing waters. You’re hesitant to get wet, but do not fear,…


You unravel me from the inside-out From the depths of muscle and blood Beyond the cavity of carcass Like putty, I mold to Your workmanship and the renewing of mind While You rebuild this flesh and bone into Your likeness. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed…


You least blindly, lead me around sharp objects where first You pierced them.


Your lips are moving, a question perhaps, but all is silent in my ears. Lending my other ear, you speak again, still no sound. You motion what you need, hesitate and wait until the seatbelt sign has turned off. I motion back to you when I hear the ding, which you thankfully retreat, losing yourself…