You Died on a Wednesday

As I sit here enthralled by pastels slowly moving into gold, orange, and red hues, I am mesmerized by the light and the way it dances on the water, while a deeper blue grows richer as the last light of day falls beyond the horizon. The pain has not hit me; broken down callused walls…

Stepping Into Sunset

Take my hand and step with me into hues of late summer warmth, where I long to chase feathers with you again.


I know you’re coming, your presence doesn’t exactly hide off shore very well. It lurks in the grey shadows, prowling deep waters, waiting for the right moment… to soak everything in its path.

Battling Sin

Anticipate not! while sin lays just under the surface, intensity comes and goes in this time warp. I don’t know who I become when paths of destruction swoops down to wrestle with me; darkness working overtime throwing shadows over light while I subcumb, fight, retreat, lose and win, while distracted yet relieved, wanting to be…

Raise Me Awake

from where I’ve been sleeping too long. Places my heart has dug deep into soil only to loose ground where roots weren’t connected. Rise in me the confidence to move onward focusing on what’s ahead rather than behind prioritizing what’s right rather than what’s wrong, Elevate You, than anything else.  


Do my eyes deceive me? You move on an imaginary string across the sky, as I lay upon the silky sand listening to lapping waves reach higher upon the shore. And as hues change into pastels, I ponder with a critical eye, whether water drops or sand adorn my lens, while the wind caresses skin…


There are stories that need to be told but these silent lips do not wish to speak There are eyes waiting to decipher but these lids remain closed I am here yet I am not here Lost amongst thoughts that continuously inhabit places that leave me numb  

Before the Stars

Mesmerized by glistening water wave after wave I imagine you, wherever you maybe, doing the same; Both of us taking in all we can, before shades of gold slip into radiate reds and shiny diamonds leap from the sky.    


Originally posted on What's on the Chopping Block?:
I woke up hungry this morning, how about you? After pulling out the block and diving into the fridge, I choose ingredients that harmonize well together for this meal. Eggs Eggs, mushrooms, spinach Bacon And there you have it! Breakfast ? ? ? ? ? ?…

Places We Savor

Softly tender words f a l l from my lips. I speak to no one but myself secretly hoping you will hear them embrace them and return to where our feet stepped upon lapping waters, in places we savor color washing ashore, where laughter filled our lungs, and smiles broke the silence between awkward and…

What’s on the Chopping Block?

I am not a foreigner to the cutting board, matter of fact, it is the most used object in my kitchen. And, I feel naked making a meal without it. Just the simple task of pulling it down inspires me to eat the rainbow (no, I am not referring to Skittles candy). It keeps me…

Ending My Today

You captivate me with Your brush strokes as I am found surrendered to Your spirit and caught marveling at Your hand in this moment where I linger long upon the soil you nourish watching your handiwork end my today beginning someone else’s tomorrow.