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I woke up hungry this morning, how about you? After pulling out the block and diving into the fridge, I choose ingredients that harmonize well together for this meal. Eggs Eggs, mushrooms, spinach Bacon And there you have it! Breakfast ? ? ? ? ? ?…

Places We Savor

Softly tender words f a l l from my lips. I speak to no one but myself secretly hoping you will hear them embrace them and return to where our feet stepped upon lapping waters, in places we savor color washing ashore, where laughter filled our lungs, and smiles broke the silence between awkward and…

What’s on the Chopping Block?

I am not a foreigner to the cutting board, matter of fact, it is the most used object in my kitchen. And, I feel naked making a meal without it. Just the simple task of pulling it down inspires me to eat the rainbow (no, I am not referring to Skittles candy). It keeps me…

Ending My Today

You captivate me with Your brush strokes as I am found surrendered to Your spirit and caught marveling at Your hand in this moment where I linger long upon the soil you nourish watching your handiwork end my today beginning someone else’s tomorrow.  

Not Your Wings

Bumble and tumble butterfly bee the wind will blow you sideways least you expect thee. Flutter, flit, and fight don’t let up you’ll see your strength is in your heart not your wings.  

Beach Birds

Set me long into day where whispers glow children play beach birds fly For this is where my heart yearns to go bury sand between our toes your hand in mine chasing the light.


sounds of shrill laughter crackle my eardrums til I can no longer hear the clarity of conversation. I grimace my face my jaw aligns to grit my teeth. While waiting for small silences; reprieves, really, I debate with myself to stay and endure such monotonous pain growing in grace or move on.


dangle from the hem jingle, jangle jingle, jangle through clouds of dust and rose gardens jingle, jangle jingle, jangle nearer I can hear her coming closing the gap between jingle, jangle jingle, jangle little toes appear in my view she bends for a moment the light catching her curly auburn hair a blaze as she…

I Am

a tether tied to your shores by individual strands of fiber strong enough to hold objects in place much larger and heavier than my own stature; a bridge between the boat of which I sail upon and often attached to anchored structures. Holding my ground on and off vessels, through all seasons, I am sure…

Life’s Senses

All I want to do is write after reading a good book, well, actually during. But right now, words on a page cannot describe what I see…. hear… smell… taste… touch… All I know is that everything has a place and for a moment, I am part of it.

Natures Drama

Rain rapped on the window ten inches from my head like an angry neighbor, trying to wake me from a deep sleep. I rolled towards the sound, realizing that there was so much more happening beyond the shade. Dorothy and Toto could only endure the whipping wind accompanied by dancing cats and dogs in the…

The Thought of You

While wind and engines pull boats directionless, my book of recipes lure me deeper into context and hunger. I am but lost in words, when thoughts of you find me; drowning in French food and the lights of Paris, as the sound of water laps upon the shore below. I reminisce the last couple of…