I don’t have an accent. You do.

One of the joys of volunteering for my local church is that I get to work along side of a woman who hails from the mid-west (Wisconsin and Minnesota). The first time I heard her say “alone,” my mid-west ear tuned into her immediately. She told me she’s been telling people for years that she doesn’t have an accent. This is an all too familiar conversation I’ve had with my west coast friends, who ask me to say “bag, roof, pop, salad, etc..” And of course I can’t get away by saying either of these words in conversation without a snicker and call for a repeat on the word I just said. Some people even throw in a Minnesota “eh.” Learning shortly after the word leaves their lips, that I’m not from there.

I am not alone on the receiving side of this haha torture…yet, I’m not exactly so innocent of being one who points and laughs at others who don’t speak with my accent either. I find it amusing that too often we think our accent is superior than others. We argue that the major t.v. anchors are the social norm, and they sound like “us.” I am not bothered by any of this, I just find it amusing that’s all.

So, say what you have to say without being restricted by others opinions. Be you, the you that God made you.


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