Bob, a Man of Character

I met an 84 year old gentleman this evening with the spirit of a 20 year old. He easily intrigued me with his smile. This is the start of our friendship.

With wet noodle squirrel conversations whipping back and forth, repeatedly crossing paths with each other, Bob took me on a wild ride in the clouds of imaginative stories and old sayings that brought me back to my Mid-west roots. I learned right there that Bob hails from Chicago. His energy was contagious and engaging. He had me in stitches with off the cuff stories and mre than once showed his bionic strength as he bent and folded his cane to prove he’s following one of his own conversations. There were small trickles of sarcasm, whistling of songs I never heard, and ever flowing smiles as he told stories upon stories; some true, some imaginary…but stories, man can he tell them.

Energetic and eager I get to spend tomorrow with him, to see how he likes to build a sandwich, hear more stories, help walk the kinks out of his old bones, remind him of what day it is, and laugh. I’ll bet lots of laughter.


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