j-o-b vs. Passion

I had an interview recently that though I know I could do the role, I realized as the interviewers were describing more about the position and what they expect from the individual, it would be a j-o-b and very challenging for my personality. Since my interview, my mind has been doing gymnastics weighing the option should I be offered the five month position, would I accept it?

Here are a few challenging points:

  1. People Groups – I enjoy being with the 50+ people group, could I connect with college students knowing this? My people group comfort ranges from toddlers, middle school students (I understand awkwardness), and 50+ (especially those 70+).
  2. Micromanagement – though I know I could supervise and advise the students, I’m not a micro-manager. I’m a laid back teamwork leader, who enjoys working with a group of people towards a common goal, not a dictator telling people what to do. I’m a person who lets others run with their ideas and use me as a resource, editor, and mediator, not a person who will always be looking over the shoulder and telling you how to do something.

Mental exhaustion isn’t what I signed up for, but it is part of job seeking. It’s weighing in on yourself for decisions you need to make for yourself. Would I be willing to challenge my personality, try my hand at micromanagement (the word puts a sour taste in my mouth) for a five month high expectancy position that I’ve done on a much smaller scale, all for a j-o-b? On the other end of the spectrum, if I’m not offered the position I won’t be sad. I’m not quite sure this position is even who I am, but the interviewing experience was worth it.

As my mind debates all these questions, my heart seeks positions where my passions reside: gerontology, staff development, and employee training. Thanks to job seeking these past few months, my focus has narrowed down. Is it possible to seek a j-o-b in a field where my heart lurks? A place to gain experience in an environment where I know I will fit.

Heavenly Father, search my heart, discern my mind, and guide me with Your wise counsel. Take these thoughts from me and help keep my focus on Your direction. In Your Precious Name, Jesus Christ. Amen


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