Holiday Hibernation Tips Its Hand to Thankfulness

November 27, 2014, 1:30 p.m., I have a scoop of mashed potatoes in one hand and a plate in the other as I mentally plan my attack. For me, food has a process: mashed potatoes must have at least a two layer height, crater in the middle and filled with overflowing gravy. Turkey lay close to potatoes so gravy can cover the meat, should it be cooked too long, it now has a chance to be swallowed. Roll is split in two and serves as a barrier beside the mashed potatoes. Sweet potato is dished on plate twice, especially if it has toasted marshmallows on top (I love marshmallows). A dollop (just in case I don’t favor them) of green bean casserole lay next to the turkey. My plate is the stomach of my eye, it overflows with food. There’s no space to put the salad, so it’s placed on top, right in the middle. Everything is touching. For some of you, this processes sounds disgusting and you might be gagging right now, sorry. But for those of us “human garbage disposals,” we are salivating.

Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years, this is the season of gluttony, a holiday hibernation. It’s a time where we try harder to stay in shape, but fall short and make promises for next year, yet fall short again. A time where our sweet tooth reminds us that it still exists and our appetite wants a little more so we indulge in its desire. A time when there are more gatherings of family and friends, you aren’t too sure where those extra minutes came from. A time of an unexplainable excitement to give of your love to others. And a time where thankfulness is met with humbleness in some way, shape, or form.

I may get lost amongst the food, socializing with friends, spending quality time with family, and the overflowing excitement that this time of the year produces. But, my relationship with Jesus Christ won’t be wavering no matter how caught up I get. He is the reason for my thankfulness, right down to the basic elements: food in my belly, clothes on my back, and a roof over my head. So…Thank you Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years for being a catalyst of days bringing together people of whom I am thankful for.


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