Finding Home: the Search for Contentment

I’m curled up in the lap of Christ speaking to Him like a child to their parent in a sweet gentle conversation. I’m content in this moment, hearing His gentle whisper with my head against His chest, His arms around me, speaking with Him so nonchalant. Our conversation touches many thoughts, some I struggle with and others instantly diffused by His love. His presence has brought much peace and direction in these last few weeks. Each day, I thirst more for Him, more for our conversations, more for our time to sit together, more for His wisdom, more for His love, grace, joy, and hope that He shares with me. I am embracing the moments one day at a time.

The smile plastered across my face and calm demeanor is real. It’s a reflection of the work He has done, a settling of my heart. Christ has guided me to where He resides. A place where resting in Him is like candy to a sweet tooth. He has cut through the mess and broken down the walls I’ve held up for years, to show me faith and trust. He has calmed my anxious heart, for now. This isn’t to say that the heart has been conquered, but to say that in this moment and trial, I am at peace with decisions He has helped me make.

As I close my eyes, I can feel the presence of my Lord and interpret the smile on His face enjoying this moment, where I have found home.


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