The Garlic Wake Up

I’m standing outside of a business speaking with a man who has minced garlic growing out of his nostrils. The pungent smell of garlic oozes from his body, so much so, I have to walk away. He follows me, the smell sours my stomach and I start to gag, then…my eyes open. It’s 5am, the smell of garlic and onion waft across the house, trapping itself inside my bedroom. I race to the window flinging it open, my nose pressed to the screen deeply inhaling the fresh air.

I do enjoy garlic, but this morning it was as if I was bathing in its scent and couldn’t get a way. Eyes wide open before my alarm, set for 9am, isn’t a great wake up call for me. I stare at the ceiling, sleepy eyed, my brain is tired, but the smell is too much for me. I cover my mouth and nose with my duvet, pray the smell moves fast out my open window, and fall asleep again.


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