Tall People Need Affordable Clothes Too

I dislike clothes shopping. Whether it be online or in the store, it never proves to be a fun excursion for me. It’s not the newest styles, not the adventures of trying on stupid apparel that you can laugh at yourself in the mirror neither. It’s the length of everything; pants, shoes, shirts…everything. Designers simply don’t make enough affordable clothes for a 38 inch inseam, 13 narrow shoe, itty bitty waist, nor an extra long wingspan.

I am on the hunt for trousers so I can begin a new job in March. Each time I need to shop for this tall body, I wish I could just work from home in my pajamas. There’s a process to my search. First, I peruse websites I know have at least a 37 inseam; I’d be happier with a 39. Second, I read reviews on each item, searching for someone with a similar body type. Third, I weigh the cost and purchase or by pass the option. Reviewing takes the most time, sometimes I toss my hands into the air and forfeit the rest of my time, surrendering to the lost. Other times I dig in for the long haul and come out glassy-eyed, then wonder why I did such a thing. This time around I’m enjoying the distraction of emails, because frankly I don’t wanna do this. As I said at the beginning, I dislike clothes shopping.

When I speak to people about needing clothes, they point me to stores. But when they hear me ask if they know if the store carries tall sizes, the light bulb comes on. They just realized I can’t wear the average size khaki. I wish it was that easy, to walk in, try on, and purchase…but it’s not. At 6’4”, my shopping life has never been that easy, thus my wardrobe is simple. Mostly filled with t-shirts, cardigans (supposedly long sleeve, but on me 3/4 sleeve), and jeans (praise I’m able to get long enough jeans).

When I’m lucky enough to find affordable clothes that fit me, it’s as though I hit the jackpot. Appropriate size clothing is a rare find, just as I’m uniquely made by Christ. Everything about me doesn’t fit a mold. I know I’m not alone out there on the subject of clothing. Just as well, we could expand the playing field and say trying to fit in any standard size transportation, living in standard size homes (low counters, mirrors, and doorknobs, short doorways to name a few), I’m sure you are listing everything standard size in your head that bugs you too. Tall folks can talk all day about how we don’t fit in the standard until we are blue in the face, but that won’t get us anywhere. So remember this, God made you unique, rare, beautiful/handsome and with purpose. We are not supposed to fit in to standard, we are supposed to stand out.

Next time you get frustrated with standard, don’t go shopping.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Johnson says:

    LOL!!!! Your life long struggle…. sorry!


    1. becketar says:

      No sorry needed here. Being non-standard makes me unique in so many ways.


  2. Sophie says:

    I feel your pain! Long Tall Sally is always my go-to for work wear but it’s definitely on the pricy side. 😦


  3. I know and feel this frustration too. Shopping is not really enjoyable for me either but sometimes when you find that one garment that fits- it’s just like you said! Jackpot! It’s nice reading this being able to relate.


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