Weathering a Comparison: California Independence to Michigan Family Mission

The sun is beating on me in 64 degrees and partly cloudy. I basket barefoot in jeans and a t-shirt, while pool side. I’m about to change, when my mind drifts to how long Michigan can endure another hard winter. I received a text from my brother Sunday showing -24 degrees, and that’s without windchill; my brain struggles to comprehend cold like that. I’ve been spoiled the last 11 years in sunny California, visiting Michigan for 2-3 week increments a year. How will I live in the cold after a lifestyle of what I’ve become used to?

After my recent visit to Michigan, I feel the Lord leading me to live there once again. It’s not about the weather, it’s about family. That is something I will need to keep in mind as I work through the winter months of snow, frigid temperatures, gloomy winter season that as I recall last, from as early as October/November to April/May. Having the constant reminder of my mission will help me endure. If I were selfish, I’d stay in California, act like I don’t miss family as I enjoy the independent lifestyle I’ve created for myself. But the truth is I miss my immediate family, grandparents who are slowly becoming ash, and believe it or not, the weather, especially autumn.

Why all this talk of weather you may ask, well, why not! Growing up in the mid-west, it’s a topic everyone talking about. It was a focus and still is, especially when now I can compare my spring/summer weather to that of the arctic in the mid-west. I don’t like to brag to them about it, I actually feel bad when I do that. Rubbing it in their faces…no bueno. Sometimes I’ll get calls from family inquiring about the temperatures out here, I hate telling them. I say if you want to know, google it. Let google raise your jealousy bar, not me. Matter of fact, I just had lunch with a friend today who mentioned that when I do move, I’ll be sure to have texts raving about the weather in comparison to what I will endure. Oh yay…NOT!

So…tell me Farmer’s Almanac, what can I expect for winter 2015/2016? Will Michigan be nice to me my first winter back or will she be brutal as the these last two years?


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  1. Karen says:

    Good thing you were made From tough stock😉

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