Surrendering to the Morning Devotional

This morning I got ahead of myself, and it seems as recent mornings I have been doing the same. I rise from my slumber, agenda in head and go about my day. My devotional sitting by my side, with the intent to dive in, but remember, the grumbling in my stomach will not go away until I eat something. I return to my seat with food to devour as I proceed my docket, my eyes flirting with my bible.

Checking my email, I notice I need to catch up on a few things and touch base with social media, promising myself only for a little bit. Three hours later I come up for air to realize I am again hungry. The voice in my head reminds me I still need to do my morning devotional. The grilled cheese and apple before me smell divine, I partake. Slipping back into my three hour tour after a few bites. “The devotional?” the voice appears again, more determined to get me to take a time out with Christ.

When I begin my mornings in conversations with Christ, I am less distracted, more patient, more loving towards others, and find peace throughout the day surrendering all of me to Him. It just takes one step, running to Him when I arise. Why is something so simple, seem so difficult? With my bible at my bedside, I don’t run to it, instead I reach for my phone to check emails, messages, social media, all things that connect me to the world, not God.

A month ago, I couldn’t get enough of sitting at His feet; I craved conversations with Him. Like a roller coaster, I’m high on excitement for my Jesus. As the track moves up, it also moves down, I lose my craving. Yet again, another shift moves me to crave again. My ride doesn’t end, there’s plenty of track on this Kingdom coaster.

Worship music fills my inner ear canal, isn’t this enough? The voice speaks again, “the devotional.” Maybe after I finish my tea, yeah, I’ll fit it in there. Wrapping my hands around the warm ceramic, I sip, with devotion thoughts nagging at me. FINE. I put my tea down on the table and pick up my bible. An email pops up. Tempted, I push my laptop close. Silence fills the air. I step into the Garden bowing my will to His will.


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  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful! I’m so with you on this!

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