Offensive Driving or a Simple Little Toot?

This afternoon I panstakingly backed out of a parking spot, due to a large pickup truck blocking my view. As I drifted in reverse a car laid on its horn. I immediately hit my brakes, my heartbeat quickened. My first reaction was “ooh,” my second reaction rose out of my emotions as sarcasm flooded my thoughts, “like I can see over the truck.” In an instant I was offended by this woman laying on her horn, when only she couldn’t see just as much as I couldn’t see.

Driving away, I recalled my drivers training video from eons ago stating “give them a little toot to let them know you are there.” I’m not supposed to be offended by the toot, yet I was. How often in this culture are any of you offended when someone honks their horn at you? Somewhere out of the pit of frustration arises pride, stating that you did nothing wrong, followed by an unruly tongue or offensive hand gesture. (I didn’t do either, today)

Eight years ago, I took a trip to Uganda. My first day in the city, I had the chance to see how foreigners (to me) drive. Between the tailgating, honking every couple minutes, and pulling in front of others, I wasn’t sure I’d survive to see another day. What I discovered was, that was the norm. No one was offended by honking. They simply appeared to me that they had grace towards each others driving. They simply, gave a little toot.

So, what can I learn from my lesson today? I need to give grace to others more often and not let others actions offend me. Not if, but when I do become angry, I need to give my anger over to the God. I know some of you are thinking yeah right, you saint, it’s not that easy. I agree with you, it’s not that easy to give anything to God. I like to hold things in my control, but underneath this flesh and bone, I know God can deal with things so much better than I can. Truly today isn’t my agenda anyway, it’s the Lord’s; I just act like its mine when things disrupt my cloud nine momentum.


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