Like. Love. In Love

I was recently asked if I was in love with a friend of mine. “In love,” I thought; I don’t even know what being in love, rather than growing in love looks like anymore. My worldly view has changed into more of a godly view as my walk with Christ has grown stronger. What difference is love to in love? Personally, I think the world is caught up in the more syndrome. Meaning, everyone needs more of what the previous is. So, like turned into love and love turned into in love. When did love become not enough? Where did like disappear to?

This is how I see it.
WORLDLY: “Like” is an acquaintance. It’s a person you’re willing to get to know. “Love” is a friend you enjoy being with or an object you really like. “In love” is a romantic relationship. Somewhere down the line like became not good enough, love became the new like and in love replaced love. Confused? Here, I hope this explanation is more helpful. Like wasn’t a good enough description for a feeling, so, love took over it. “I love those shoes.” “I love that movie.” “I love your hair.” “I love it when you talk in accents.” “I love, I love, I love….” In love the more than love feeling is descriptive more towards a person, rather than an object, but doesn’t exclude them. “I’m in love with him/her.” “I’m in love with this new Jamaba Juice drink.” It’s a collective of words that are used to describe emotions/feelings for people, usually not spoken unless absolutely serious and often people are cautious about using in love because of its commitment.

GODLY: “Like” is something you feel about someone that you are appealed by. “Love” is the beauty that is displayed of God through the person. “In love” doesn’t even register on the radar, because Love is enough.

I am guilty of using love for an object. When my friend proposed the question about being in love, it got me thinking of the use of love and how its use is saturated in this society. So, I’m curious, what are your thoughts regarding like, love, and in love on both worldly and godly levels?


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