Unemployed to Exhaustively Employed

After being unemployed for six months, I find myself here, exhausted. I’m not complaining, I just didn’t see myself getting comatose tired after working a forty hour week. I can now see the fruit of my lazy labor.

The bad habits of being unemployed started with:
-Sleeping in, as though it is my job to wake up leisurely late morning or early noon.
-Taking naps, my body thought it was either under five years old or over seventy-five years old.

I owned this bad habit concept and found myself believing I didn’t need a job (drastic thinking), to job seeking for telecommuting and work from home positions. I was more interested in the searching for jobs than the actual need for a job, until I realized I was rationing my food day to day. I needed a job, really any job and was fortunate to find a part time position, that allowed me to carry on these bad habits. Then I got a call for full time work. I was excited to start. I’m still excited about the job and it’s responsibilities, even when I come home looking like I’d been up all night. Barely keeping my eyes open in the early evenings, I could easily skip dinner for a relaxing journey behind my eyelids.

And, that my friends sounds wonderful, I think I’ll take my own power of suggestion soon.


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