A Breath of Creation

The screen door scratches against its frame when it opens by my forceful hand. I take a seat on the outdoor patio couch, nestling amongst the shade as the sun begins to rise taking in the views of Mt. Boney against the faint blue sky. I crave to be outside today, sitting amongst the chirping birds in the overly green trees this Southern California spring offers. Sun rays pulse on my face, warming the inner me; I fall relaxed, my body becomes heavier on the cushion. I can almost feel freckles delight themselves in this moment, after being dormant for so long.

Worship music plays on my phone, I become more content as I surrender indecisive thoughts that have been taking up too much brain matter these last few weeks. Bible in hand, the Holy Spirit leads me to Psalm 139. I read and am reminded that He knows me, oh so very well.  A light wind plays on my skin as I lean nearer to nature, desiring to remain in His presence. Flower aromas tease my senses; I can taste their sweetness on my tongue. Words begin to fade as the dog sits at my side piercing me with it’s eyes, “come play.”


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