Monday has come to a close, I shut down my computer, lock the office and start my trek across campus to my car. The cool walk is invigorating and the smell of nature brings me delight. I pass by smiling faces headed to the cafeteria for dinner and watch other employees disperse, homeward bound. I step into my car and soak in its warmth before starting the engine, then join the line to exit.

Waiting for the light to change near the edge of campus, I’m already sifting through my memory for what’s next on my agenda for the day. I turn west onto a major corridor staring into the sun, joining the rest of this community headed home. I take the dip in the road and come upon another stop light to find a vehicle stuck in the intersection; its driver trying to push the vehicle out of the way by herself. In my gut, I know I should get out to help. But I’m one of many vehicles in the middle of this road waiting for the light to change, how rude of me to just abandon my car here. It’s then I watch the east bound drivers jump out of their vehicles to help the woman push hers across the intersection. Drivers that just turned onto the paralleling road are running to help. My heart is warmed by the generosity of people doing what I wanted to do, but didn’t have the guts to do it. The light turned green, cars started to move, including myself. The simple heroic efforts continued to play out as I rounded the bend until they disappeared in my side mirror. I wondered about the many vehicles arriving behind those that were abandoned; they too headed homeward bound with no clue as to why they are stopped at a green light.

For the rest of us who were too determined to head home, passed the buck onto those who already stepped on the scene, or just plain refused to help, may what we witnessed affect us in the future. May we obey the Holy Spirit when He whispers for us to pitch in and take part in becoming a better witness.

A huge thanks goes out to those who braved abandonment to help the driver in need. May the Lord bless each of you richly for your kindness and generosity.


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