That Moment You…

We have all had that forgetful moments, usually realizing way too late. Here are a few of those times this past week.

That moment you….

– arrive at work wearing a sleeveless shirt on a hot day, realizing way too late you forgot to put deodorant on.
– have a business meeting and wonder why you have a bad taste in your mouth, ugh, forgot to brush your teeth before leaving the house.
– (ladies) catch a glimpse of your legs as you are on your way to somewhere, instant panic when you see you have a lawn growing on your legs as your brain debates turning the car around to head back home and be late or arrive on time and be hairy.
– walk out the door, start the car, and wonder why everything is blurry, forgot to put on your glasses.
– are hunched over your laptop reviewing spreadsheets resting your hand on your chin, you move your thumb slightly touching a hair long enough to braid. You wonder, why didn’t anyone tell you it was there as you frantically try to rip it out.

What are some your “that moment you” stories? I would enjoy hearing.


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