Inspired by United Pursuit’s Simple Gospel album

I cannot get enough of United Pursuit’s new album, Simple Gospel. Ever since a friend posted the song Hidden on social media, I immediately went to Youtube and listened to every song associated with this album, pressing reset multiple times. A day later, I downloaded it.

What’s there to like? For me it’s an intimate album reminding me to let go of what is not of Christ and cling to what is of Him. A few songs have become quick favorites, from the get-go, the lyrics and music to Head to the Heart had me dancing and singing; that song hung out on repeat until I was full of joy. Let It Happen too is a repeated song, especially if you are going through a tough time. It definitely helps my heart get on the right track. Seasons Change featuring Michael Ketterer, first of all I’m a huge Ketterer fan, who has a unique pull you in kind of voice. This song is a reminder that no matter what we go through, our Lord is ever present in everything. Hidden reminds me to trust in the Lord and His plan. I too often find myself arm wrestling with God and trusting that the plan He’s laying before me is better than my own control. He extends daily patience, grace, love, and mercy with me.

Each time I listen to the album, another song makes it to my favorite list and the current favs I wake up singing in the morning.


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