Busy Finds Me

The adventure of busy begins with one sleepless night driving from California to Arizona to see the sunrise over the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and watch the colors come to life, as the changing cold air becomes tolerable enough to walk the rim and discover more of God’s beauty.

Busy finds my sleepy eyes drifting off as I let the sun’s heat dissipate chills from my bones on an uncomfortable bench. It finds me as I get back in the car to drive through flat land to Utah’s Arches National Park before the sunset. It puts a spring in my step to leap out of the car to look through a lens capturing arched auburn rock glistening in the sun.

Busy finds me chasing sunlight to Colorado for a good nights sleep before rising again to capture more beauty as the car twists and turns with the Colorado River. It drives my stomach to crave a steak from Wyoming as I count down the miles.

Busy finds me excited to arrive at my next adventure, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and entertained by the many Wall Drug billboards and bison farm on the way. It finds me inspired walking The Presidential Trail under the base of Mount Rushmore learning about all four presidents while smelling the earth through trees and changing leaves.

Busy finds a renewed strength in a good bison burger and root beer at Firehouse Brewery to experience the longest sunset in the rearview mirror. It engages me as red lights blink in the distance once I cross the state line into Minnesota racing to find a bed for some shut eye.

Busy finds me wrapped up in writing a horrible hotel review, a place that needs a health code visit. It puts a fire under my butt to get out quickly and back on the road to Wisconsin to see miles of turbine windmills along the highway. It knows when I can’t wait to get out of the car to stretch my legs and when I look forward to meeting new people who now feel like family.

Busy finds me comfortable in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, but doesn’t keep me there. Instead, it pushes me out of bed to seek bright autumn colors in Michigan. It shares a breath taking sunset as many race to the edge of Lake Michigan to capture multiple yellow hues bouncing like rays off clouds, water, and beach. It stirs more adventure in Mackinaw City as I step into a log cabin that at some point in its history, was one room. Its rustic smell and feel reminds me of my grandparents cabin when I was a child.

Busy finds me eating Polish soup before watching hail drop fiercely on my windshield through the Tunnel of Trees. It creates a rush in me when high winds toss the car from side to side in a thunderstorm. It stirs me to see the moon rise and twinkling stars just when I begin to recognize street names and the house with the light on.


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  1. Riverroadred says:

    I see each noted highlight, feel every twist and turn. Each sunrise, sunset, river bend, canyon, rock sculpture, and tree leaf, all touched by the hands of God;The Artist of all nature’s beauty!

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