Alarm Clock Voices: Two


“I found it!” A little girl’s voice shouts from beyond my walls. I have been pulled from my deep sleep into the presence of reality; from my dream of familiar faces and old feelings.

I continue to hear her muffles in the library very intrigued by something that holds her there; my guess is homework she’s been procrastinating on.

An adult voice near my door carries up the old staircase, “Are you up?” I know she’s asking if my other niece is awake, she too needs to get ready for school.
“Yes, I’m up.” A voice finds its way downward.

Seconds later I brace the elements of my bright screen to check the time with one squinty eye open. The light, a beacon in my little dark room.

My alarm sounds, I turn it off and reach for my lamp, my hand bumping a few things over as I feeling my way to the wrought iron and turn on the light. My brain registers that I am awake, as the once black room turns amber.


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