Alarm Clock Voices: Four

The Zac Brown Band’s voice gradually invades my dream and brings me back to reality. “But I’m stuck in colder weather. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Can I call you then? She said you’re ramblin’ man. You ain’t ever gonna change. You got a gypsy soul to blame. And you were born for leavin’.”

Here I am again, just beyond the wall where my 6:30am radio alarm flicks on and the sound bounces around the bathroom. I know it’s morning, the sky is dark, and the temperature has yet to dip lower, yet he doesn’t seem to care that others are still sleeping. He only cares that his day has begun and this sound changes his attitude to proceed forward.

I lay awake as the song finishes wondering what time it is and debating to go back to sleep until my actual alarm goes off. I hear the water stop and feet on the ceramic floor, wishing a new song would begin to drown out the commercials. He steps out into the hall as light rays burst through cracks in my door, illuminating my room. My body registers I am awake and I have the urge to pee. Rolling from my bed with Colder Weather still playing in my head, I step into the cooler hall, my feet swiftly taking me to relieve myself before heading back to my room and crawling back under the warmth to write.


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