Embracing the Unknown

Copyright 2015 Tara J. Becker

The big smile on my face and giddiness in my heart is my response to my latest action of stepping into the unknown. Chair dancing in my car as the engine runs to keep me warm, I can’t believe I am licensed in a state I thought I’d never come back to. It’s been a year since I found contentment in an annual trip to the Midwest. Now, here I am looking forward to seeing this journey God so neatly arranged for me played out. He’s been planning my arrival here, though I haven’t been so easy to say yes to His plan.

The transition wasn’t as easy as I had thought it would be, longing to stay with my friends on one side of the country and desiring to reconnect with family on the other. The longer I stayed where I was, the more I was sure I was only going to visit family for a few months then return, believing my move was only temporary and perhaps He’d change His mind about me going at all. But God, appeared, not like He ever left, redirecting my focus after daily arm wrestling. I eventually became less and less the child who kicks and screams while my Father grasps my hand walking in His direction.

So…ten months later, my mother and I took a one way cross country road trip. When I arrived, everything felt weird. Was I really here? Driving my own car? I’m not really going to stay am I? I wasn’t sure what to feel. Again, God continued to surprise me. I became more drawn to Him and those around me rather than on myself, looking at relationships with others with critical investigative eyes, before trusting I was where I was supposed to be.

After a few months with family and ringing in the new year, here I am, right where He knew I would be, embracing the unknown.


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