Intriguing Supermarket Finds


Yesterday, I was pursuing the local market aisles for canned Jones soda, when I came upon Boxed Water on the top shelf; a place where it’s easy for me to make eye to product contact. I took a closer look and thought this find was quite intriguing and questionable. Why would I want to drink boxed water? I’m a water bottle kind of girl, who can be found toting my colorful bottle everywhere I go in this sustainability focused world. I continued to stare at the white box pondering two thoughts. 1) Does it break down better in the environment than plastic bottles? 2) Is there really a market for this?

Reminded to stay on mission for the sodas, I turned on heel, walked five steps away from this interesting find, turned around and planted my feet where I stood before. I was in a stare down with Boxed Water and I’m sure I looked like a weirdo in the market befuddled by this product. I slowly pulled out my phone, took a picture and sent it to my closest friends, still not understanding why I found this first so appealing and second wonder who would buy into this strange concept.

So naturally, when I got home, I put on my research hat to find out about the Grand Rapids, MI based product Boxed Water and found some “pure and simple” concepts from their view. You can read about them here. There’s only one thing I would need to mentally get past before drinking out of this box, the feeling that I am drinking milk from the white carton.


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  1. Raul says:

    Reblogged this on Entrance of Christ WORDS gives light and commented:
    This is interesting, and I want to try this water!


  2. Raul says:

    I also heard glass bottles is much better than anything to store water. Gonna have research some more. Thank you for the post!


    1. becketar says:

      Thanks for the reblog Raul. I too think glass would be safer for pure drinkable water, but find it interesting there weren’t glass bottles next to the carton. Unfortunately the rest of the shelf was full of plastic bottles.


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