At the Edge of Rust, Wood, and Water

Copyright 2016 Tara J. Becker

My hand grasps the door handle as wind catches it pulling me quickly to the street, greeted by passing cars and northwest winds. Fifty-five degrees, sunny, warm, and it’s February in Michigan. How can this be? Armed with book and phone in hand, I begin my descent toward the boardwalk parallel to the St. Clair River.

With slight hesitation, I step from sidewalk to grass. Any reminisce from last nights rainstorm has dissipated deep below the dirt. I lean into the wind to keep me from running down the knoll. The weathered boardwalk greets me with a thud as I step upon it, changing its tune the closer I get to the edge of the turquoise water. Above me clouds shift and form into shapes of animals and objects, colliding into one another. I stand firm against the wind while my black vest retains the heat from the sun.

Eager to read my book, I step toward the wood bench, sit, and open it. Left to right the words come and go, but I cannot retain them; day two of distraction plagues me. The wind continues to beat me, freeing my ponytail to dance as though it’s a flame moving to music. I am restless sitting here, wishing to do so much in so little time.

Closing the book, I stand and walk down the river against the wind greeting people along the way, turning back as wood turned to cement. Readjusting the book tucked under my arm, I skeptically seek out art for my lens. Flaking rust captures my eye, I squat to focus on the sun hitting it just right. I want to review the pic after I take it, but keep my focus on the journey ahead. Up ahead, I spot an open dock jetted out beyond the metal railing the closer I get to it, I know it’s the perfect spot to sit and read. But, when I open the book, I am immediately distracted. Refocusing my attention, I eventually engage in my reading at the edge of rust, wood, and water, pausing often to reflect on where God has me; sitting in His presence, where I’ve longed to be.

“As the deer pants for the streams of water, so my soul pants for You, my God.” Psalm 42:1


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