Stepping into the White



Anxious snowflakes that are but dust fall from the sky feverishly covering the earth, layer by layer. Darker the sky became until I could no longer tell the depth of the snow. Oh my! I wonder what tomorrow will look like? I say to myself, as I watch in bated breathe, car lights inching closer to the house, trying to steer clear of the ditch as it rounds a nearby corner, while using its bumper as a plow. Refraining to look any longer, I head off to see what is hidden behind my eyelids and a little giddy for tomorrows reveal.

As I awake today, into yesterday’s tomorrow, cloudy skies overhead reflect the brightest snow. I walk by the window with my hand as a blinder to refrain from the glare. When my eyes adjust, its the purest of white. The perfect snow lays untouched waiting for creations of a snow angels and snowmen. This is the perfect day to go nowhere and rediscover the yard; but, I must. I must step beyond the warmth into cold, into the white.


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