Where Are My Shoes?


Summer is here, well, almost; It’s so close you can touch it. This season is not just a day on the calendar, it’s a time of no agenda days. If I ask my eldest niece, she will tell me how many wakes ups until school is out. For her, it’s the look forward to sleeping longer, camping trips, playing at the water’s edge, hanging out with best friends, and whatever freedom she can find.

Before leaving the house this morning, my nephew in his summer clothes, flittered around looking for his long forgotten shoes, before he met the school bus at the end of the driveway. I wondered how many times this summer, as we shed our seasonal clothing, will we questioning ourselves the location of our shoes, long pants, sweatshirts, and jackets. We adorn some of these items in the nights, while curled up around the fire pit and warding off mosquitoes, but most likely we won’t be putting on anything warmer than a t-shirt and shorts, as days become hotter, beach walks longer, sun kissed skin tanner, redder, frecklier.

Our feet will become shoe neglected (if they haven’t already), lured to the sand, splashing in the water, and bounding across the grass. While least remembered items fail to compare amongst flip flops and bare feet, we will find ourselves surrendered to summer and one day asking, “Where are my shoes?”


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