Being Still in Gloom


Awakened in twilight I pull back the covers and quickly ready myself for what awaits me. I am hopeful for a glimpse of the sun in this underwhelmed weather. Layer upon layer, I bundle up, grabbing a blanket and my breakfast, then step across the threshold into gloom. My body draws warmth as I sip my hot tea and wait. In the middle of savoring this moment, I spot a big ball of orange on the horizon, trying hard to break through the eastern cloud line. Every ounce of me knows I have to at least try to take a picture, but for some reason, in the lack luster of my lens, I can’t get things to work in my favor. Then, it hits me, I was only supposed to marvel at God’s creation today, not capture it.

In this gloom, where clouds have replaced blue sky and a light fog skews my view, I am supposed to wait patiently for what God has to reveal. As I stare at my bible study homework, my mind is lost in nothingness. I am so disengaged right now from reading and breaking down walls within myself, even though the Spirit is nudging me to at least start. Instead, I remain passively restless outwardly and content drifting mundanely inwardly, and wait.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10


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  1. joyousphotography999 says:

    Wow had no idea you were such a writer! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. becketar says:

      Thank you Joy. I hope you are well my friend.


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