Finding Calm in Night

My eyes are heavy, my body tired. All I want to do is curl up in warmth and fall asleep, yet, instead I lay here starring at the screen waiting for what, I don’t know. I’ve pushed myself beyond comprehensive thinking. And though my brain is in overactive mode, did I remember this or I wonder about that, I am a zombie on autopilot, trying to muster the strength to put down my phone so I can go to bed.

Ding! A text alerts me. I gander at the message, click on the sent link and set my phone beside me in the dark. In an instance, all thoughts fall away, The Master’s Calling, and I’m left in the presence of Jesus, calm, at peace, and content. The lyrics and melody are water to my soul. I’m listening to every note, every syllable, and every word, waiting for the song to lullaby me deep into rest.

via Daily Prompt: Calm


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