A Meeting


It was an invitation, beyond the hand and appearance of man, a meeting of the creative minds.

As I sat listening to values, vision, and history, my body found comfort, in the words shared, so much so that the wood desk that buffered our conversation, didn’t exist. My right brain energized, ate up the new information and my left, completely intimidated, filtered which details to take in and which to leave out.

Out beyond four walls of energy, we toured spaces known to him and overwhelming for me. One room to the next, I embarked on a new journey gathering facts, another room, and another, full of friendly staff focusing on details I’ve yet to learn. Jargon I’ve yet to embrace, to own, to taste and see. One foot in front of the other, I see my hand reaching out beyond intimidation grasping hold of the unknown, pushing the door open with a renewed sense of humbleness.

And while my boots clicked against the sidewalk, my head was full of knowledge and my stomach, empty. I heard not the faintest whisper, until after I devoured calories and carbs, tapping on my shoulder,”how long will you drive with your cart in front of the horse? Decisions have yet to be made, details worked out.” Elation deflated and I fell back into my own body, back into me, where an invitation of grace and love intrigues me into a world of wonder.


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