Shivers and Snow


Snowflakes dance and flurry, shivers touch my insides, and the smell of burning wood invades nostalgic senses.

For a moment, I am a child playing in winters bitter cold, layered beyond warmth, where sweat begins to form and hair plasters against my forehead. Looking out in the distance I make my course before jumping on the round metal sled, letting it swiftly take me into the wind. To prevent from becoming a crashing dust of snow, I grip the metal tight with my mittens.

Down the hill I speed, racing against my cousins over the bump, careening out onto the dark ice, until the sound of heavy on snow makes a stopping noise. And while adrenaline vibrates through my youth and cold breathes from parted lips, a whiff of burning wood drafts down to me, and I am warmed by the smell, until shouting voices above echo down, “move.” I’m on my knees quickly, an automatic response, when I see eyes and determination race in my direction.


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  1. wordswooer says:

    Amazing! The description is so vivid & graphic that I can easily paint a mental picture of the place! Even smell the “burning wood!” I like the way you try to capture the essence of a moment from your life! Btw, thanks a lot for visiting my small blog and liking a post of mine! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. becketar says:

      Thank you! Glad I could help you engage in the moment with me. And you are very welcome, keep writing my friend, your words are good.


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