The Unraveller


Layer by layer, I shed reality and step into warmth tucked between the folds of sheet and blanket, while the overwhelming strains of this last year wait to be untangled.

I have no more than found comfort, when I realize that I am fighting to stay awake, while fingertips reach into the depth of tension and places I had long forgotten, and a familiar scent of chamomile, rosemary, and peppermint tantalize my senses. Limb by limb, I become putty, letting the stress of life to be released back into the tainted world it came from.

Just as my breathing finds a resting pace somewhere between dream and awake, floating whispers wake me into a time that is of no essence. My soft body lay warm amidst cotton, until I can slowly muster the strength to move, shifting each limb back into existence.

Gathering back layer by layer, I catch a glimpse of the woman in the mirror, she seems familiar, but is unrecognizable. I look deeper into her hazel eyes and see that she has been unraveled.


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