Societal Beacon


“Momma, she’s big,” says a little girl I just passed in the mall. “No, honey, she’s tall,” replied her mother. One second I was feeling fat by a little girls words and the other I felt  appreciated for being beyond average height.

Growing up, it was difficult for me to be center stage of every environment I stepped into. Whether tall or big, it didn’t matter, it was the fact that I stood out. Being a societal beacon wasn’t exactly what I wanted through my childhood and teen years. I wanted to fit in, but I wasn’t created that way.

Though, that snippet above happened many years ago, it still plays out in public today; heads turn, jaws drop, and whispers start. At the civilized height of 6’4″strangers still see me as a stand out, and I’ve no doubt intimidating. But once strangers become friends, they no longer see my stature, they see me; the personality that hides behind skin and bone.




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