Dementia’s Confusion

Dementia can be sad; I think most people see it that way. But, I choose to find it humorous, because who wants to be sad when you are spending time with someone losing their mind?

So, even though most conversations sound like a broken record, it brings some good humor, not only to me, but also to the person who is confused in their stories, sometimes.

It just depends on how you choose to engage with dementia.
1. Don’t try to be right. You make dementia feel uncomfortable.
2. Laugh often and show your smile. Dementia loves to laugh, it feels relaxed, even when it’s not sure why you are smiling or laughing. Humor is a plus when speaking with dementia.
3. Listen. No matter the story, right or wrong, confusing or not, listen to dementia tell stories.
4. Be gentle. Like handling an egg, be gentle with dementia’s feelings.
5. Be patient. Dementia doesn’t like it when you rush.
6. Don’t patronize. There’s an actual person behind the memory loss.

The time that I’ve spent, stories I’ve heard, laughter that has occurred, I know I am better for the experience and journey that we are having. If you are interested, here’s my latest conversation with dementia.





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