Natures Drama



Rain rapped on the window ten inches from my head like an angry neighbor, trying to wake me from a deep sleep. I rolled towards the sound, realizing that there was so much more happening beyond the shade.

Dorothy and Toto could only endure the whipping wind accompanied by dancing cats and dogs in the strobe lighting just beyond my dreams. I thought for a moment how nice it was to be raining; the sound transitioning me awake, until the realization that the loose items in the yard may have a new home by sunup.

My brain like a surveillance camera perused and secured each area, until thoughts of a disappearing white plastic chair, my grandmother sits in, came to mind. Debating to risk rising from my warm bed and likely being soaked to the bone in this monsoon, I let the thought pass and tried to fall back asleep. But my surveillance wouldn’t turn off.

What if? had me springing from comfort in the cold dark room, hoping the four inch deep holder remains a tether for the the flag a little longer, before the drenched red, white, and blue becomes an unanchored kite. Blindly I reach for my glasses on the night table and rushed the door that separated me from the light that streamed under it, confirming I was not the only one awake at this hour.

My body on high alert, I grabbed my rain jacket and reached for the door handle, when my grandmothers voice stopped me.

“You’re not going out in this!” She exclaimed.
“I’m going to rescue the flag. What else would I be doing at 2:45 in the morning?” I chuckled, before my toes walked amongst liquid firecrackers.



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