To Whom Are You

  Who gave you the right to captivate & steel what was guarded? A precious jewel of High Court quality, saintly, worth more than rubies and gold. To whom are you to nestle me in textures, leaving me to lay in wait, while you are lost amongst the crowd of summer. Advertisements


me you us two chairs and the sea at sunrise

No Nothin’

No nothin’, nothin’ at all shall break me harder than this fall not the bed of leaves layin below not the sound of your voice saying hello not the age of our longest day nor my heart when you walk away No nothin’, nothin’ at all  

Cotton Candy Skies

That’s all it took one tug at the heart to slip on winter march off the mountain and sit in this moment of serene cotton candy skies.


You broke me silently touching, but never present piece by p i e c e wanting, but never following through my heart saying, yet never doing crum bl e d  

Flutter & Flit

Like a paper napkin on a windy day from nectar to nectar you flutter and flit.  

Goodbye Night

  You call me straight out of dreams and long forgotten tales to stumble in the dark toward hardwood and nails. And while the bite of winter nips at my nose, plays on my skin totally exposed; the flames in the sky turn dark to light hello daytime goodbye night.    

Becoming Less

year by year day by day week by week hour by hour minute by minute second by s.e..c…o….n…..d……    

You Died on a Wednesday

As I sit here enthralled by pastels slowly moving into gold, orange, and red hues, I am mesmerized by the light and the way it dances on the water, while a deeper blue grows richer as the last light of day falls beyond the horizon. The pain has not hit me; broken down callused walls…

Stepping Into Sunset

Take my hand and step with me into hues of late summer warmth, where I long to chase feathers with you again.


I know you’re coming, your presence doesn’t exactly hide off shore very well. It lurks in the grey shadows, prowling deep waters, waiting for the right moment… to soak everything in its path.

Battling Sin

Anticipate not! while sin lays just under the surface, intensity comes and goes in this time warp. I don’t know who I become when paths of destruction swoops down to wrestle with me; darkness working overtime throwing shadows over light while I subcumb, fight, retreat, lose and win, while distracted yet relieved, wanting to be…