A Call to Action

Sometimes it is not enough to just passively turn from a sinful lifestyle we instead must uproot ourselves from it.

Intermittent Silence and the Confinements of Tomorrow

Drawing into night chewing on words of memories past whilst thoughts of you high jump through my pondering mind, and my heart silently becomes panicked, as to why our daily habit flirts with silence. Are we saving breath within the confinements of tomorrow?      

Dead Tree

You were once reaching, touching heaven and rooted, digging into earth. You were beauty to the human eye, dancing in the wind and enduring seasonal nature, until you could no longer. No matter how hard you hung on to life, death slowly took it from you, until there was none. Oh the things you’ve seen…


Control it be not I race around the house tending to your neediness. My own agenda thwarted.

Enchanting Blooms

In the distance your spring blooms enchant me, you are life amongst naked trees. Swiftly, my feet turn in your direction, carving their own path to you and within moments, standing under your blossoms, I became tantalized by your perfume, inhaling deeply your scent, carrying it on my tongue and embedding it long into memory….

Darkness Murmurs

When darkness murmurs deep in dreams least to be remembered soft muffled tones stir knackered eyelids awake.  

Whatever It Is

It’s a blanket of feelings, an afghan knitted together by connections I have with you keeping me warm with thoughts and yet paining me to watch you blindly pursue this, whatever it is.  


You fill my senses buttery hot corn popping salted savory like air in the hand and weightless on the tongue.

The Dentist

Raised higher, I am levitated, eye level with stainless steel that will soon be holding my tongue back and poking around bone and flesh, tugging at crown and filling. But before the fun starts, my body is compressed under the weight of radiation protection, while x-ray vision reveals the strength of roots deep within the…

Turning Back

Beyond the gray is something remarkable, something lovely something breathtaking something worth sharing. It’s so captivating it won’t let you leave, always drawing you back for an another look, just one more time. At least that’s what I think as I stand here, having turned back more times that I can count each moment drawing…


Surrounded by the presence of You, finding wellness in my soul, I begin to wonder how well it really is, as I search between darkness of intertwined sin, fresh and long forgiven, struggling to surrender. Far away are my thoughts, my head downtrodden, as shadows zip back and forth, flickering while I wrestle to capture light….